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Airport Security Community

The Airport Security Community, in partnership with Airport Show, will bring together key stakeholders from across the industry, including airports, regulators, security agencies and solution providers to discuss how to best secure airports from the ever-growing multitude of threats without compromising on speed of operations and the overall passenger experience.

The community will include a dedicated exhibition zone and a specialised 1-day conference exploring future challenges and best practices in the sector.


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Airport Security

The Airport Security Conference brings together key stakeholders from across the industry to share best practices and discuss current and future challenges to ensure safe passenger journeys across the region. The conference is supported by Saudi Airport Authorities and Security Government Stakeholders.

Discussion topics include:

  • The Dynamics of Airports Security Today
  • Combating The Enemy
  • Innovative Landside Security
  • Aviation Digitalisation Threats
  • Aviation Security Imperatives
  • Innovative Screening Technologies
  • Countering Drone Threats
  • Airport Threat Analysis
  • Evolving Security Control Centres

Do you have the expertise, insight or best practice in the Airport Security industry? Would you be interested in leading a session, participate to a panel discussion or delivering a training workshop?

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