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  • FDY3R-JJWFH01 Bullet-Proof Vest
    This product is superimposed with the high strength TWARON and yam UD cloth, which is tested with live ammunition by the authority departments of the Ministry and the Ministry of Public Security. The company’s series of public security bulletproof vests of class IIIcan effectively prevent the penetration of 7.62mm lead heart projectiles for the micro submachine gun of type 79, which are suitable for single protection of the soldier, police, border guard, etc. The product is waterproof, moisture-proof, fireproof, bulletproof, UV proof, light weight, high bulletproof performance, safe and reliable.
  • FBT-JJW16 Explosion-Proof Blanket
    Explosion-proof blanket, explosion-proof enclosure with light weight, easy to carry, easy to operate, excellent anti-detonation. Used for explosives isolation, protection, requirements for explosion-proof equipment, valuable instruments, cultural relics archives and special public places, is necessary equipment for the public security, armed police, civil aviation, railway, port and customs. Explosion-proof blanket adopt advanced double barrier structure, can effectively block produced damage effect during the 82-2 type grenade explosion, equivalent to the explosion power of 70G TNT explode, it can form a three-layer blocking effect for blast debris and impact force, so as to prevent the people and objects near the explosive from injury, is an important device of the site temporary disposal of explosives.
  • Fraud Detection Solution for Online and Mobile Banking (ThreatMark)
    Detect and prevent fraudulent transactions thru online channels.
  • Falcon Ray
    Longest Effective Range in the Market Blocks GPS and Common ISM RF Bands (Customizable Upon Request)
  • FusionSight – Night Vision Device
    FusionSight is a world-first digital night and day vision device providing smart fusion for threat and target accurate detection.
  • Financial Institutions
    Securing payment diversity In a very short amount of time, advancements in digital technology have changed the way we live. In the not so distant past, forgetting your wallet meant a U-turn straight back home. Today, with a few swipes, taps or clicks on your smartphone, you can prove your identity, make a money transfer, sign a banking contract, order a ride, go shopping and dine out with friends. The trust of consumers is the basis for any form of transaction. But how can we ensure this effortless swiping doesn’t fall into the wrong hands? Biometrics for authentication and identification We all agree that security is what matters most when it comes to payment means and banking accounts, but sometimes it only adds stress. We have all been there before — forgetting a PIN code, struggling with cumbersome logins and passwords to check banking account balances on smartphones, or failing to make a transaction abroad or online even though you are the rightful cardholder. At IDEMIA, we believe security must not be at the expense of convenience. Our biometric solutions enable financial institutions to rely on a trusted identity, based on biometrics — whether a quick smartphone selfie or a fingerprint scan on a bank card — we allow banks to offer a secure and convenient experience at all times, be it in the physical or digital world. Payment for today and tomorrow From wearable cards to completely digitized wallets, there are more and more ways to pay. But did you know that most non-cash retail purchases are still done with a physical payment card? At IDEMIA, we obviously invest in the payment future with digital wallet and mobile shopping solutions, but we also continue to promote and lead innovation in the payment card business – with contact and dual interface EMV payment cards, because we know that the most difficult aspect of new technology adoption is changing user habits. This is why we keep enhancing the payment card that the vast majority of customers have already adopted, adding additional security measures such as dynamic CVV codes or fingerprint sensors that replace PIN numbers. We also observed that cardholders now want a sense of uniqueness. With our solutions, they can customize their card with a photo or they can earn flashy, exclusive membersonly metal cards. Banking anywhere, anytime A lost bank card is always a nightmare — calling to cancel it then waiting for a replacement. And imagine if this happens while traveling in some remote corner of the Earth, the problem becomes exponentially more difficult… until now. With IDEMIA’s innovations, banks can instantly issue a replacement card, in branch or on a smartphone, ensuring that users are never cut off from their resources. Subscribing to a new contract — credit loan, new payment card… — can be done remotely as well, with the same legal value as an in-person signature. Waiting several days, or even weeks, to finally receive a card is outdated. Today’s connected customers want quicker, more efficient processes and so do banks. At IDEMIA we ensure that any cardholder can get physical and digital cards in hand faster than ever.
  • Firehawk FP-600 Rugged Tablet
    - Meets IP67 / 65 and MIL-810G standards - Choice of OS: Android & Windows - High-Precision GPS Navigation - Outdoor sunlight readable - Full Day Shift Battery backup
  • F110
    The award-winning F110 is a true revolution in rugged tablet computing. The F110 combines best-in-class performance, industry-leading security, a large 11.6” widescreen display and a thin and light design that redefines rugged mobility.
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