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  • Hushmeeting smartphone
    Our ironclad Hushmeeting smartphones have been designed to prevent any attack regardless the network used: every device features a custom operating system (to prevent malwares and spywares infections by design), a post-quantum encryption layer and modified hardware (to prevent firmware-based attacks and vulnerabilities). These devices, fully designed at our laboratories, provide a full set of communication and collaboration functionalities: audio and video communication, chatting, file exchange and audio messaging, with a very high scalability and a low bandwidth consumption.
  • Hushmeeting laptop
    Our Hushmeeting laptop has been designed to supply a fully secure environment for communication and productivity. Featuring a custom operating system (to prevent malwares and spywares infections by design), a modified hardware (to prevent firmware-based attacks and vulnerabilities) and a strong encryption layer, it is enriched with a set of custom productivity tools to produce and share documents, without any fear for information leakages or attacks: a secure tool to produce documents, similar to Word, a tool similar to Excel to produce spreadsheets, a secure mail application, and a complete secure unified communication and collaboration framework for audio, video and data exchange. Like our smartphones, its security is completely independent from the used network and it is able to support the customer's security expectations even in the most demanding scenarios.
  • Hushmeeting
    Our Hushmeeting enterprise solutions are the most complete answer for governmental organizations, military departments, companies and VIP citizens who need to communicate with the guarantee of not being spied on. It has been fully developed in house with no exceptions (server, protocols, codecs, OS, HW, …), in order to grant our Customers the full control of the provided solution, without compromises. The solution can be fully customized by the Customer, choosing his own encryption algorithms and keys. Preventing any data breach, Hushmeeting is the only solution on the market granting a rich set of communication and collaboration features, such as audio, video, conferencing, messaging, file transfer, secure productivity tools for document, spreadsheet, email processing, support to field operations and remote critical activities via specific devices. Our solution complies the highest security standards, featuring military grade and post-quantum encryption algorithms: for top security scenarios, our secure smartphones and laptops are the only ones on the market granting a full protection at the software, hardware and operating system layers. Feedback Italia grants a real full technology control of its technology: installed at the Customer’s premises to prevent any unauthorized access by third parties, our solution allows a thorough source code inspection, giving our Customers the unique opportunity to autonomously check the system for backdoors and vulnerabilities.
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