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  • Indoor Jammer (Checkpoint Plus)
    The MLS Checkpoint Plus can be used in a number of scenarios to block cellular, Bluetooth and WiFi signals within designated areas. Each unit houses up to 6 resource cards that are configurable to jam client specified bands. MLS offers a survey service to determine what signals are present to ensure accurate jamming with the right configuration of equipment.
  • IMSI Grabber (Roomshield)
    The Roomshield works in conjunction with the Checkpoint Plus to allow and block chosen mobile phones. The Roomshield unit identifies all devices within its range that have an active SIM card. Once identified, the unit is able to either allow the SIM card to continue operating or to block its access to the network.
  • IthacaLabs™ Risk Assessment Services
    Odyssey’s IthacaLabs™ Risk Assessment Services help organizations to Identify, Quantify, Prioritize Vulnerabilities and Configuration Weaknesses found on their mission-critical systems, applications, IoT, network and security devices. The outcomes of these services determine the organization’s level of Risk and cybersecurity preparedness.
  • IAM Managed Security Services
    Aujas offers engineering, design and build expertise in the security space to accelerate product development, build third party integrations for data exchange, actions and orchestration, and deliver made-to-order solutions to solve critical cyber security challenges. With hundreds of man years of experience under our belt, and our deep understanding of all cyber security domains, we bring to the table a potent accelerator for all your security related bespoke development needs.
  • Intelligent 4 arms UAV
    Hikvision Falcon UAV system is made up of the drone, load, and ground station. UAV-MX4080AI receives control signal such as to perform task and send back the location information, flying data, and video from the camera to the ground station. The ground station sends the location information, flying data, and video to the command center to provide live video of the location.
  • Intelligent face recognition camera
    iDS-2CD8426G0/F-I adopts advanced deep learning algorithm and powerful GPU to realize instant face detection, capture, and comparison to accomplish face recognition and related alarm triggering. The camera can be widely used in retail industry and security departments, such as hotel, shopping malls to improve the VIP service, custom, airport to control some key passageway.
  • IEI Rugged Embedded Computer TANK-760-HM86
    Intel® Core™ i5-4400E 2.7 GHz dual-core processor Intel® Celeron® 2000E 2.2 GHz dual-core processor One CFast socket Support three independent video outputs Built-in two 2.5" SATA 6Gb/s HDD bays 9 V~36 V DC input Support IEI iRIS-2400 (IPMI 2.0 compliant)
  • IEI Rugged Panel PC  AFL-15AE-N270
    ● 15"" TFT LCD with resistive touch screen ● System memory up to 2 GB RAM ● Built-in 802.11b/g/n wireless LAN ● Selectable AT/ATX power mode through the switch inside the chassis ● Built-in two speakers ● One CompactFlash® slot ● IP 64 compliant front panel ● IEI One Key Recovery solution allows you to create rapid OS backup and recovery (over 4GB storage capacity is suggested)
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