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  • Market Check
    Market Check service is the first of its kind in the Middle East aimed at protecting intellectual properties as well as monitoring markets that import products. With this service, our mission is to combat counterfeiting and piracy by promoting laws, regulations, directives and relationships designed to render the theft of intellectual property undesirable and unprofitable.
  • M65 Field Jacket
  • Mobile Registration Vehicle
    The mobile registration vehicle is designed to offer mobile government citizen registration services around the customer’s country. Based on a commercial chassis the vehicle has comfortable seating in the office area for the operator and two civilians. Fully air-conditioned with two additional AC systems the vehicle offers a comfortable work environment whatever the weather. The office area is fitted with all necessary registration equipment such as cameras, fingerprint scanners and printers. All registration data is sent securely over VSAT satellite connection to the government’s chosen location. All systems are run off a silent running generator whilst the vehicle is deployed.
  • Managed Security Line of Services
    Designed for organizations that lack the skills and expertise to protect themselves from sophisticated targeted attacks and insider threats, Odyssey's 24/7 Managed Security Line Of Services helps you: - Predict, - Detect, - Prevent and - Rapidly Respond to Cyberattacks before it is too late. Essentially acting as a remote extension of your security operations and operating out of 24/7 ISO 27001 certified Security Operations Centers (SOCs), Odyssey's Managed Security Line of Services empower you to promptly enhance your - Threat Anticipation (Threat Intelligence & Advanced Security Analytics) - Real-Time Visibility into your security posture - Detection and Incident escalation capabilities, - Data Forensics - Audit and Legal regulatory compliance capability.
  • M4A1
  • Modular Barrier - F11
    Unique and mobile solution against ramming attacks Fully portable and movable barrier (priority vehicles) Stops the passage of vehicles even in a hostile situation Quick and easy assembly, requires no tools PITAGONE ANTI-TRUCK-RAM BARRIERS ARE DESIGNED, DEVELOPED AND PRODUCED IN BELGIUM. Capable to stop a vehicle or truck launched at average speed Resist to a shock of a 7,5 tons truck launched at 48 Km/h Fully adjustable, the PITAGONE F-11 adapts to all surfaces and all terrain (including sidewalks, gradients and bumpy roads) Compact assembling elements, easy storage and transport Long service life, minimal maintenance
  • Mobile Operators
    Securing mobility and beyond The number of smartphone users will exceed 6 billion by 2020 – and for good reason. These mobile devices put an incredible amount of information in the palm of our hands: our schedules, banking details, emails, and anything else we might need. While technology responds to new connectivity challenges and opportunities – particularly with the growing IoT market – heightened protection of our digital identities is required, more than ever. Protect the networks and their users We may not realize it, but every time we make a phone call or send a text message, we have to provide secure credentials to access the network, our SIM card does this for us; it is our ID on the network. Despite the rising interest around eSIMs, traditional SIM cards are still the most widely distributed tokens in the world. At IDEMIA, we deliver over 1 billion every year. Our complete range from core to advanced SIM cards enables MNO and MVNO to meet different market connectivity and service requirements not only for their traditional mobile business, but also in the growing M2M and IoT environment. With these cards, our clients ensure that mobile users can have worryfree usage of their mobile phones and connected objects and they safeguard their mobile identities. Orchestrate the mobile user experience Today, we all expect hassle-free access to mobile networks and services. At IDEMIA, we support MNO and MVNO to make mobile devices work smoothly from day one, and every day after. To achieve that goal, we provide industry-leading eSIM lifecycle managment and subscription activation solutions. And once devices are connected, our clients can rely on our complete suite of mobile equipment configuration and real-time diagnosis solutions to enhance customer care based on accurate quality of experience monitoring and advanced SIM and device management. We also believe that establishing trusted identities is a vital step at the beginning of this mobile customer journey. With our mobile KYC biometric solutions MNO and MVNO can verify a user’s identity even at a distance and generate a unique and strong digital ID for subsequent authentication. We make customer identification as transparent and as digital as possible. Enable & secure the Internet of Things Connected objects already outnumber the human beings on Earth. They are everywhere around us, transforming industrial processes, energy metering, healthcare, home surveillance and much more. At IDEMIA we understand that this scattered IoT ecosystem, besides all its promises, also brings new challenges to MNO and MVNO to guarantee perfect service continuity and ensure the optimum security of all data exchanged. We provide our clients with dedicated platforms not only for the remote management of subscriptions but also to accurately measure network quality and availability at the object level. We also invest in network-agnostic solutions to help ensure endto- end security between connected objects and application servers.
  • M16 Dual lens Thermal camera
    True to the original: Weatherproof and robust, the latest successor to our successful M1 through M12 dual camera models features interchangeable sensor modules as well as the latest MOBOTIX system technology. The result is a product completely unrivaled in terms of performance, functionality and design.
  • Mesh PIR
    The Mesh PIR is a small and rapidly deployable passive infraRed sensor for fast and reliable detection of travel direction of a moving target
  • MX50
    The MX50 has been designed to meet the data input and output requirements of the digital dismounted soldier and is the first wearable product designed by Getac to address the requirements of the defence sector. With a 5.7" screen & Intel® Atom X5 processor, the MX50 meets battlefield SWaP requirements.
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